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A lot of businesses are looking to move windows in the cloud.  It is the latest move to cloud technology and the migration of windows to the cloud is the next step in the evolution.  There a huge benefits to moving windows to the cloud including the obvious stability and mobility features the cloud offers. 

Here are but a few of the benefits of moving windows in the cloud:

  1.  Data Security – This is always the concern with customers and the cloud.  “Where’s my data?” is the most common question.  When dealing with windows in the cloud Horizon Private Cloud is located in Irvine, CA and securely encrypted and replicated to an off site DR facility in Kansas.  Yes, Kansas.
  2. Applications – Perhaps you have applications that only run on XP machines.  This is a common issue facing companies – what to do with the old software.  Well, not to worry.  The technology available today enables cloud providers to virtualize Windows legacy applications and deliver windows in the cloud to any device including iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and Macs.

  3. Backups – How and where are backups performed for windows in the cloud?  This question is very interesting since most businesses currently have poor back up policies and procedures.  When dealing with windows in the cloud providers, look for at least tier back up procedures.  First, live back up to an appliance and second, off site back up to a secure facility. 

  4. Insurance – Often overlooked, Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance is vital so you have a way to recover any losses should a problem occur.  Companies with solid E&O should have a minimum of $1 million to $5 million per instance policy.

  5. Fail Over – Windows in the Cloud providers should have Service Level Agreements (SLA) that include a fail over of service to another data center should their current cloud desktop infrastructure fail.  The key to a good SLA is the cut over time of failure and what determines a failure.  E sure to find out these times to determine if the cloud desktop provider is delivering an SLA that works for you.

It is an established fact that Microsoft has become a necessity of our everyday life and even Android and iOS users feel more accustomed to use Windows applications. Horizon Private Cloud has successfully achieved an astounding task of running Microsoft’s applications on different operating systems and platforms. Users can now access Windows 7, Microsoft Office Suite and other windows applications straight on their Android and iOS powered smart phones and tablets.

The only requirement is the presence of a good internet connection. Users can access windows cloud after a secure, authorized and encrypted access. This access can be achieved from a web browser or a desktop or mobile application.

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