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Hosted Vdi You are going to be utterly delighted and absolutely amazed when you find out what a hosted VDI can do to globalize your enterprise while paring down production costs. Provided they have an internet connection, any authorized person on the planet may access your cloud desktop. Try it for yourself today.

A growing business also needs to expand its network. The conventional method to address is this is to buy or upgrade the equipment and server, but if you want to save time and money, a hosted VDI is the best solution. VDI stands for virtual desktop infrastructure, and this innovative technology lets your company manage all its I.T. aspects in one huge and secure virtual data bank. VDI is also known as desktop virtualization, and is designed to make it easier to access all your data anywhere.

With a hosted virtual desktop infrastructure, you are provided with a cloud desktop where you can set a standard environment with specific applications suited for you and your workers. A hosted virtual desktop can support different number of users, making it suitable for a small company or a large enterprise. A hosted virtual desktop with a single server that can support up to 500 users can help you save more than other cloud desktop technologies.

A hosted VDI can be set up according to your company's standards in a few minutes by a service provider like Horizon Private Cloud. In the long run, you will see your IT, equipment, energy, security, and server costs go down. You also worry less about technical issues.

Horizon Private Cloud can get you started on your own VDI for free. We offer a free trial service, and you can sign up here in this website. Our company specializes in providing on-demand tech solutions to various types and sizes of companies that need a high quality hosted virtual desktop. We are part of Horizon Technology, so we extend our services to many countries across the globe with our five international offices. Find out more by exploring this website or call us at (888) 652-2948. Hosted Vdi
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Hosted Vdi

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