iPads and Hosted Windows Applications

Microsoft and its auxiliary hosted windows applications have ruled the technological world for a long period of time. Analysts and tech-experts expect Microsoft’s hegemony to prevail in the foreseeable future. However it is also worthwhile to note that Apple has revolutionized the technological world by creating a niche market. Statistics show that Apple has been successful in selling nearly 250 million ‘post-pc’ devices. These devices include iPod, iPhone, and the legendary iPad.

iPad effectively rules the tablet market with a whopping 60-70% market share. But is should be noted that Microsoft continues to dominate the software lead with its Windows operating system, Office, and other applications. Increasing number of non-Microsoft users are demanding the availability of hosted windows applications on their devices.

However there are only a few numbers of providers, including Horizon Private Cloud that offers the availability of remotely-hosted windows applications on iPads. The application which is available on iTunes store offers iPad users to run hosted windows applications remotely, including Windows 7 / XP and Microsoft Office – Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The mechanism utilizes a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution to allow users to enjoy seamless experience of Windows 7 / XP and other windows applications on their iPads.

Users are motivated by two factors to use cloud hosted windows applications on their iPads. The first scenario resorts to the ease of portability with using hosted windows applications on tablets and iPads. Windows applications are usually restricted to fixed desktops or corporate-owned heavy laptops. The second reason for accessing hosted windows applications on iPads is the inability of native applications on Apple’s iOS to access corporate emails, especially Microsoft Outlook. The solution provided by Horizon Private Cloud also offers an online cloud storage feature. The solution also boasts hand writing recognition, on-screen Windows keyboard, gesture controlled features, and complete desktop functionality. The interesting aspect of hosted windows applications on iPads is the accessibility of a single, synchronized Windows desktop from any iPad. Enterprise version of the service offers users with key features such as administrative controls, group management options and extensive customization capabilities. Hosted windows applications on iPad offer all the benefits of traditional cloud-based application hosting.

Portability and 24/7 accessibility induces flexibility for users. Clients can access virtual desktop anytime and in any part of the world through their iPads. The only requirement is the availability of high-speed internet access on clients end. Remote access does not compromise data security and authorized access. Hosted windows applications offer the same authorization logging and secure accessibility as associated with remote applications. Centralized data management offers clients with protection against viruses, malwares, spywares and data losses by constantly updating applications and creating data backups on hosted servers.

Data and applications hosted on cloud ensures safeguard against data corruption. Hosted windows application also results in cost-savings. Users can now access synchronized applications without reverting to single-user licenses and upgradation arrangements.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can now access Microsoft’s applications remotely on their iPad and efficiently manage and grow their businesses.

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