Hosted Virtual Desktops

Horizon Private Cloud offers an extensive array of cloud computing solutions for the enterprise. If your office is in need of cloud computing solutions, look no further than Horizon Private Cloud's hosted virtual desktops. Horizon's hosted virtual desktops offer the greatest degree of flexibility for today's professionals who are always on the go. With more and more of our professional and personal lives being stored on our computers, it's important that we have an option and service to securely access our data where ever we are.

Hosted virtual desktops are changing how employees use and manage data across their enterprise. Available over a secure internet connection or via dedicated circuit; hosted virtual desktops run in Horizon Private Cloud's data center and are secured by our always-on high availability infrastructure. User data and preferences are protected against loss or theft. Whether from home, on the road, on a PC or iPad, your employees gain ridiculously flexible computing power without the massive deployment and support costs.

Hosted virtual desktops from Horizon Private Cloud also protect your most valuable data from permanent damage or loss. Housing your data on hosted virtual desktops is a safeguard measure from permanently losing any or all of you data. As most standard hard drives have a limited lifespan, having off site hosted virtual desktops solution is of the utmost importance.

Hosted virtual desktops from Horizon Private Cloud are available in shared and dedicated versions. Shared hosted virtual desktops for business use are ideal for enterprise teams such as customer service, marketing, sales, field service, professional services and others with defined roles and applications. Dedicated hosted virtual desktops for business use are ideal for users with special security needs, development, training and lab environments, marketing with high end graphics requirements. As shared and dedicated hosted virtual desktops server different types of users, system requirements for each vary as well. For shared hosted virtual desktops, you will need at least the following: Windows Server 2008 R2, 4 core CPU, 24 GB RAM, 100 GB storage for optional file share, RDP or Citrix HDX display technology with the following options: Microsoft Office Apps, Exchange Mail, SharePoint Site, and Microsoft CRM.

System requirements for dedicated hosted virtual desktops include: Windows Desktop, single core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 25 GB SAN storage, RDP, Citrix HDX display technology. Optional software includes: Microsoft Office Apps, Exchange Mail, SharePoint Site, Microsoft CRM, Developer Tools.

Hosted virtual desktops offer a predictable monthly cost with no up-front hardware or software investment. Your organization gains the benefits of Horizon Private Cloud's collective customer base by sharing our high availability. Horizon Private Cloud is the only company offering vDesktop hosted virtual desktops solution. Our virtual desktop services are delivered to any device on the internet including iPads, Android phones and tablets, PCs, laptops, Macs and iPhones.

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