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You've heard everyone talking about it: The Cloud. Computing is moving closer and closer to being hosted entirely on the cloud everyday but you may be asking yourself, "What exactly is the cloud" or hosted VDI? "Do I need additional hardware to be on the cloud?" "How do I get my stuff onto the cloud?" These are all questions we at Horizon Private Cloud are asked everyday. Horizon Private Cloud is here to disambiguate the information on the internet regarding cloud computing. A hosted VDI from Horizon Private Cloud can provide your company the kind of flexibility you need in today's world.

Desktop virtualization is one of the most popular forms of cloud computing available today. Desktop virtualization separates a personal computer desktop environment from a physical machine using the client-server model of computing. Desktop virtualization offers the greatest degree of flexibility for users who are often on the go and away from their computer.

The server computing model of desktop virtualization is a hosted VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure (also known as a virtual desktop interface). A hosted VDI encompasses hardware and software systems required to support the virtualized environment. Many enterprise-level implementations of this technology store the resulting virtualized desktop on a remote central server, instead of on the local storage of a remote client. When users work from their local machine, all of the programs, applications, processes and data used are kept on the server and run centrally. This allows users to run an operating system and execute applications from a device such as a smartphone which exceed the hardware's ability to run.

Some virtualization platforms allow the user to simultaneously run multiple virtual machines on local hardware, such as a laptop, using hypervisor technology. Virtual machine images are created and maintained on a central server and changes to the desktop virtual machines are propagated to all user machines through the network, thus combining both the advantages of portability afforded by the local hypervisor execution and of central image management. This approach requires more capable user hardware capable of running the local VM images, such as personal computer or notebook computer and thus is not as portable as the pure client-server model offered by a hosted VDI.

Hosted VDI desktops offer a personalized Windows desktop experience, typically needed by office workers, which can be securely delivered over any network to any device. The hosted VDI option combines the benefits of central management with full user personalization and can generally support up to 150 desktops per users.

If you're looking for a hosted VDI solution for your office, look no further than Horizon Private Cloud. Horizon Private Cloud offers cloud computing technology solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Horizon Private Cloud delivers consistent desktop experiences across multiple endpoint devices anywhere an internet connection is available. We provide our unique vDesktop hosted VDIs around the globe as well as managed services for help desk, off site back up and disaster recovery. For more information on Horizon Private Cloud's hosted VDI services, browse through our website.

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